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The UK's leading fiberglass cover manufacturers

Based in Silchester, Corporate Engineering Ltd. is a company with its primary focus on the design and manufacture of high-quality covers for municipal and commercial sewage treatment works. Along with the design and in-house manufacturing of these sturdy products, Corporate Engineering also specialises in the delivery and installation of your new cover.

Goddards Green 2020

Our newest case study is Goddards Green STW. Southern Water required new odour containment covers to various tanks and chambers on the site to reduce odour omissions to facilitate a large housing development in the area. GallifordTry, the main contractor, selected Corporate Engineering following a competitive bidding process. Corporate’s design proposals were considered to be the most appropriate for the site and were considered to be the most competitive and technically appropriate.

Corporate Engineering's values align with those of GallifordTry - with GT making the statement; “We assess and address sustainability impacts across six fundamental areas: health and safety, environment and climate change, our people, communities, clients and supply chain"

PST cover fitted under the fixed scraper bridge.

On this project, Corporate Engineering supplied the following covers:

  • Primary Settlement Tanks 2 x 20m diameter beam and infill covers

  • PST De-sludge chamber 2.4m dia Heavy Duty pump chamber cover

  • PST Collection chamber 2.5m x 2.5m Heavy Duty cover

  • Anoxic Distribution chamber 4.0m x 2.7m Heavy Duty cover

  • Sludge Reception Tank 6.3m dia Beam and Infill cover

  • Sludge Hopper Pump Hatches 2 no. 4.0m x 1.2m hinged covers

  • Inlet Works Refurbishment of existing covers

  • and the addition of a large GRP enclosure to the Inlet Chamber

  • Large GRP enclosure to the Inlet Chamber

Primary Settlement Tanks

Prior to the project, the PSTs were fitted with conventional rotating half-bridge scrapers. These were replaced with fixed half-bridges to allow GRP covers to be fitted underneath. Fixed GRP covers were chosen as they were considered to be less complex and more robust than rotating designs. Operations, such as launder and scum-box cleaning, are easier to carry out with a fixed cover design.

The beam and infill covers have a low profile and were designed to fit under the GMS bridges. The bridges were then isolated from the corrosive atmosphere created by the tank contents.

Covers were fitted with Heavy Duty platforms and walkways with GMS handrailing to allow operations personnel to access the peripheral launder, scumbox and central diffusion drum.

Heavy Duty access platform over the tank’s scumbox to allow for regular cleaning.

GRP De-Sludge Chamber Cover

The GRP de-sludge chamber cover replaced GMS open mesh decking to create an odour seal. The cover incorporated a large hatch to allow the deployment of the submersible pumps. The cover was designed to fit around existing penstocks, valves and davit socket.

GRP De-Sludge Chamber Cover

The circular GRP beam and infill cover was required to replace a failed pitched cover. The new cover was designed to incorporate the inspection hatch and sensor mounting flanges that were fitted to the original cover but were difficult for the site personnel to access safely. This necessitated the supply and installation of a new GMS access platform that was also part of Corporate Engineering’s scope of supply.

Sludge Reception Tank

Pump Removal Hatches

The client needed weatherproof covers over apertures in a concrete slab that were used to remove large pumps from a dry well. The covers consisted of lightweight hinged panels mounted on a GRP upstand that were easily operated from behind the safety handrailing.

Inlet Works

As well as general repair and refurbishment of the existing GRP odour covers, CEL were asked to provide a suitable cover to the inlet chamber that could accommodate large effluent plumes emitted from the inlet bell mouths during pumping operations. CEL’s solution was to design a removable enclosure that provided additional headroom for the plumes that had damaged the original low-level cover panels.


To conclude

As a known industry leader, we’re used to working with all types of customers - local or global, large or small.

Exceptional quality is the foundation of our company, and is the driving force behind all decisions; whether it’s which materials to purchase or the best way to serve our customers.

We work in a highly competitive field, so we’re constantly investing in technology and research to make sure we stay ahead of the curve.

Our commitment to quality guarantees our success and your satisfaction.

Please send an email to with any enquiries you may have, or for a faster response, call us on 01189701366 between 9am and 4pm to speak with our office team.

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