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Conical Covers

Simple, economical GRP covers for your tank.

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Conical Covers

Simple, fast, economical.

Corporate Engineering supply a range of conical GRP covers. Where simple odour containment covers are required, conical covers can be an economical option.


Conical covers are available up to 16.1m diameter, and covers up to 20m diameter are coming soon. Should you need more details regarding this, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Our Conical covers are designed in accordance with WIMES 8.05 and the relevant utility specifications.


These also include standard duty (0.75kN/m2) to BS EN-1991-1-1:2002. Our structural design is verified using the latest FEA software, and any colour from the RAL or BS4800 ranges.


This includes robust cover segments that are easy to handle and assemble.


We can provide efficient stacking for economical transport, and access manways - hinged and lockable c/w removable stainless steel safety grille.


The conical covers feature mixer and aerator hatches, and flanged upstands for odour extraction instruments. Air inlets c/w bird or insect mesh. 

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