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Inlet Works

Bespoke covers for every project.

28 Inlet Works - 5 of 10.JPG
28 Inlet Works - 5 of 10.JPG

Inlet Works

Bespoke covers for every project.

No two inlet works are the same. Each one needs to have covers specifically designed for it. Whether the covers are to fit a newly built inlet works or are to be retrofitted to an existing structure, Corporate Engineering can develop a design concept to suit the each application.

For new works, we are happy to offer advice on the inlet work’s design to enable efficient covering to minimize odour escape. By following some simple guidelines, the efficiency of the covers can be increased dramatically while keeping costs to a minimum.
Even the most complex inlet works can be retrofitted with odour containment covers. Corporate Engineering can visit the site and lead you through the preparation work that is required to allow GRP covers to be installed.


Where access for operations personnel is required, cover panels can be designed to support imposed loads of up to 5kN/m2. Slip deterrent surfaces and handrailing are normally supplied in these areas.


Corporate Engineering can provide examples of covers to:

  • Inlet wet wells

  • Screw pumping stations

  • Inlet screens

  • Distribution, by-pass and flume channels

  • Grit removal lanes

  • Fat Oil Grease and Grit (FOGG) lanes

  • Distribution Chambers

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