Glass Reinforced Plastic - The strongest material fit for purpose

Glass-reinforced plastic is a material that is used in manufacturing. Often for creating large structures - often outdoors - GRP is fit for the specific purpose of being safe, supporting large amounts of weight, and fighting off the outdoor elements that would otherwise destroy other materials. Weatherproof and attractively moulded and sprayed, Corporate Engineering champion sturdy and well-made covers for companies managing odour control within their property.

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Despite having a fixed range of covers for you to choose from, CEL also specialises in the bespoke design and manufacturing of contracted projects...

...this means you can contact us to ask about a project regarding glass-reinforced plastic, and we will tell you if your contract is the right fit for us.

And if it is the right fit?

If you decide to work with CEL to manufacture or design any covers/contracted jobs, e.g. ponds, covers not on the website, you will have to meet a minimum batch requirement. CEL does not take on jobs under 100 units per project. This is for projects such as ponds, pools, and any other bespoke design your business needs to resell.

CEL does not manufacture one-off products or personal goods.

Coming soon...

A process video to show our customers how their projects are built. We will be uploading this on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube as well as Instagram Reels.