why we're different to our competitors

Corporate Engineering has been putting high-quality at its forefront ever since opening its doors in 1995. With an ever-growing team of experienced staff on both our factory floor and office level, CEL is a synergetic business where no detail is missed.

We're different because we care; our in-house team works 5 days a week from 9-5 to answer your questions and to get your project done to the highest of standards. Our design team are modern, efficient, and experienced. Our glass reinforced plastic practise has been growing and thriving for over 27 years now, and our experienced team are some of the best in the country.

In-factory, around 30 staff create and fine-tune the Glass Reinforced Plastic products as they come off the production line in another area of the workshop. This process can see anywhere between 1 and 20 covers being created every day.

Each cover is curated from a mold which is sprayed and filled with Glass Reinforced Plastic, and then sanded and finished before being packed away safely and stowed in a lorry heading to the customer's location.

Some of our team have been here for over 20 years now, which just goes to show we must be doing something right!

Whether you're after a pitched cover for your project, or a bespoke GRP product proposal to manufacture in bulk, Corporate Engineering's organised sales team will handle any query or question you might have.

Book a call with Gavin, our sales manager, today. You can send him an email with your enquiry to gavin@grpcovers.com

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