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Sludge storage tank cover replacement

The GRP odour containment cover to the Beckton Sludge Storage Tank No. 2 had suffered damaged during the operation and was in danger of failure. As the tank had to be drained and emptied for maintenance, it was decided to replace the damaged cover with a more user-friendly GRP beam and infill cover. The new design necessitated the installation of a tank strengthening kit to support the revised covered loading.

Redundant Cover Removal
Due to space restrictions on site, it was not possible to remove the cover as a complete assembly. The cover was supported from a scaffold gantry so that individual covers could be removed safely.

New Cover:
The replacement cover was a low-profile Beam and Infill GRP cover, 22.2m diameter c/w access platform around the inspection hatch and instrument mounting points.

This design was chosen for several reasons:

Minimal air gap – Reduces the volume of odour to be extracted and treated

Ease of installation in a confined space – Cover can be assembled on the tank

Easier tank maintenance – Infill panels can be removed leaving beams in place

This design of cover concentrates the loads at the ends of the main support beams.

To prevent the steel tank from being over stressed, the tank was fitted with a set of steel supports to transfer the loads down into the main body of the tank walls.

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