Custom Moulding - Corporate Engineering's Newest Venture

Contact us today and get a quote to order custom moulds for wholesale stock.

Corporate Engineering is constantly working on many new things, one of them being a contracted custom-moulding service, which provides wholesale stockists to order a set quantity of GRP products -- made by us. Made in bulk with a minimum quantity of 50 (subject to enquiry), these products will be carefully hand-made by CEL's experienced factory team, some of which have been working with CEL for over 20 years.

Continue reading to find out more information about how you can go about ordering your product in bulk for consumer resale.


These high quality preformed ponds are easy to install, have proven long life expectancy and do not suffer from unsightly creases. These strong reinforced fibre glass ponds reduce the work of planning and overall pond design. Adding a pond to your garden adds beauty and the gentle sound of running water! Be amazed everyday by the wildlife a pond can attract from rare birds, amphibians and incredible insects helping to support the whole eco system in your garden and local area.

  • Easy to install

  • No creases unlike flexible pond liners

  • Formal or informal pond designs

  • Bio edge option, great for wildlife ponds

  • Lifetime guarantee

  • Supports wildlife

  • Adding a pond is great for garden eco systems

To the left is a local consignment of ornamental ponds being loaded into a lorry ready to be transported to our client.

These ornamental ponds are designed to be long-lasting and fit for purpose. They are sold on various pond websites, some of which are the UK's leading suppliers.

You can get in touch by sending an email to our sales manager Gavin Brown at -- you can also send us a private message on our social media platform for a quick and accurate response from a member of our team. Click the button below.


An in-depth educational video walking you through the various stages of the manufacturing process of our GRP products.