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pitched covers

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GRP Self-Supporting Pitched Covers

Corporate Engineering’s range of pitched GRP odour containment covers are designed to fit circular steel and concrete tanks without the need for any additional support.

Current size range 6.0 – 16.22m diameter*
Cover pitch 20 o
Components 12 or 18 GRP segments and GRP centre ring and cap
Tank types Suitable for circular steel and concrete tanks and panel tanks
General Specification WIMES 8.05 Appendix G and the relevant Water Utility



  1. Loading Standard - Duty (0.75kN/m 2 ) to BS EN1991-1-1:2002 Eurocode 1

  2. Colour Any from the RAL 840HR or BS4800 ranges

  3. Fixings Grade A4 stainless steel

  4. Sealant Closed cell neoprene foam strips

  5. Resin and gel coat Selected chemically resistant grades to BS3532:1990 **

  6. Glass reinforcement Chopped strand mat and woven glass to BS3496:1989 & BS3749:1991



Manufactured in temperature-controlled conditions. Where
appropriate they conform to the requirements of BS4549-1:1997
UV resistance Pigments have a colourfastness of at least 7 to BS1006:1990


  1. Chemical resistance Suitable for use in high H 2 S environments

  2. Fire resistance Resins are rated to Class 2 to BS 476-7:1997

  3. WRAS Approval Standard resins have WRAS approval for use with potable water

  4. Thermal Insulation PU foam insulation can be incorporated into the cover segments to

  5. provide a higher level of thermal insulation

Design Life 25 years
* Larger diameter covers area available using our Beam and Infill design (up to 25m clear span).

Covers below 6m diameter also use our Beam and Infill design.

** Other higher grade resins are available on request
Cover design has been verified using standard structural calculations and proved using



Generic calculations are provided, project specific calculations are available at an extra cost. General Arrangement drawings are provided in AutoCAD 2D format. 3D versions also available...


  1. Operation and maintenance manual provided for all covers

  2. Cover Accessories

  3. Access Manways – Hinged and lockable c/w removable stainless-steel safety grilles

  4. Mixer, pump and aerator hatches

  5. Flanged upstands for odour extraction or instrument mounts

  6. Fresh air inlets – fitted with bird or insect mesh

  7. Flat areas c/w slip deterrent surface and GMS or GRP handrailing