To provide GRP covers to complete the Coastal Odour Project started in 1996.

Covers supplied include:


2 no. 20 metre diameter sludge tanks                  1999   Birse Water

Covers to inlet works and screen areas               2006   Byzak


The final contract comprised of the following scope of work:


2 no. rotating covers to Primary Settlement Tanks 34m diameter

Beam and infill covers to Activated Sludge plant 1,122 m2

Flat 3kN/m2 non-slip covers to Anoxic zones and distribution Chamber, RAS/ SAS Pumping Chamber and Works Pumping Station.


The rotating covers are designed such that they are connected to the half-bridge scraper and are driven by the bridge motor. Each section of the supporting panel structure is fitted with a wheel which enables the cover to rotate. Covers are rated at the following loadings 0.6kN/m2 non-accessible (light grey) and 3kN/m2 inaccessible areas (dark grey). The tanker and crane give a good perspective of the cover size.



The activated sludge plant presented a challenge in that the surface mounted aerators were required to be isolated into cells to create three lanes that could each be odour controlled. Each lane was fitted with an inlet vent and an odour take-off at the discharge end. Loadings to the covers were as above.

Covers to the distribution chamber and anoxic zones required the removal of open mesh decking walkway. This was replaced with a mixture of grp and stainless-steel beams to meet the loading requirement. Hatches were supplied to give access for mixers and stop logs etc.

RAS/SAS Pumping Chamber

The pumping chamber presented
various challenges due to the amount
of mechanical equipment and
pipework. The support structure was
fitted utilising a specialist man rider.

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